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Seems more like a 1 sided love throughout this whole drama and then all of the sudden, the writer puts the leads together at the very end of the last episode which honestly seems rushed and a waste to me.

Byun Hyuk is the most childish and “unbelievably” person lol, one thing keeps distracting me that was about Kang So-Ra make up. The plot, i like that the mum of the chaebol is not too uptight with family status. It had sweet scenes but felt confused as to who's who the girl is interested in.

Played as June, why her face skin color looks different than her neck? It didnt dwell on the main leads but it focuses on genuine relationships/friendship. Others might say the comical skits were too much but it.

, my thought was the makeup artist put different tone color of foundation on her face so that she’s look like wearing a mask, bit annoying for me lol, but overall Revolutionary Love is good, kind a light drama. Amazing and a great creative drama within this storytelling & all the actors and actresses fit their characters, the three leads done an outstanding balance of action & gave that sense of humor, two thumbs up to the writer and director.

But now, things are getting really interesting at how the story is getting unfolded and the emotions that they are putting forth ahead is sincerely catching my heart. Actually I think it is the make up stylist that I feel has got it so wrong.

And one thing, I am really looking forward to the ost" you are my sunbright". I have never been annoyed at stylists before but every time I look at Kang Sora’s impecably made up face, she reminds me of a stylish executive or fashionista, and not a part time jobber who is supposed to look more scruffy. However I find that from episode 9, this drama getting more interesting.

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It wasn't very obvious as to whom her heart was leaning towards, until the end?

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