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In 2007 he moved to the University of Edinburgh and returned to UWA in 2010. Particular research areas include: palaeomagnetism, Precambrian geology, plate tectonics and global palaeogeography. Archibald is an Instructor in the Department of Earth Sciences at St. He graduated with a BSc Honours (Earth Science) in 2010 from St.

Francis Xavier University, an MSc (Geology) in 2012 from Acadia University, Canada and attained a Ph D from the University of Adelaide, Australia in 2016.

Neoproterozoic tectonic geography was dominated by the formation of the supercontinent Rodinia, its break-up and the subsequent amalgamation of Gondwana.

The Neoproterozoic was a tumultuous time of Earth history, with large climatic variations, the emergence of complex life and a series of continent-building orogenies of a scale not repeated until the Cenozoic.

He enjoys puzzles, coffee and piecing together the tectonic geography of the world by integrating ground based, geological and geophysical observations and measurements within a digital framework.

He is full professor at The University of Adelaide and for the last four years has held an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. Williams joined the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney in January 2010.Since arriving in Sydney, his research has concentrated both on marine geoscience and global-scale plate tectonics and geodynamics.He has been chief scientist for two research voyages on the CSIRO Marine National Facility, in 2011 discovering microcontinents in the Indian Ocean and in 2016 collecting samples from the submerged continent Zealandia.His research areas include Neoproterozoic palaeogeography and tectonics, the Precambrian geological history of Madagascar, and Appalachian Orogenesis. During his Honours year he investigated the tectonic evolution of Oman's Neoproterozoic basement, looking at the implications this evolution had on pre-Gondwana palaeogeography.Currently working on a Ph D at the University of Adelaide, Brandon is continuing to investigate Neoproterozoic palaeogeography, though is now doing so by constraining the evolution of the Southern Irumide Belt in Zambia.

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