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They’re all Like I said before, no need to fire up Skype just to interact with your partner/s.

Hello Talk is a standalone app that can do so much more than just connect you with someone who speaks your target language.

Language exchange websites like Conversation Exchange and My Language Exchange have been put up for the very purpose of pairing learners with the native speakers of their target language.

You type in the language/s you know, and then the language you want to learn, hit “Enter,” and your search results will yield loads of people you can pair with.

Your answers help its algorithm pair you up with somebody similar, ensuring a more productive language exchange experience.

And all this happens under the watchful eye of “Shiro,” Bilingua’s adorable mascot.

She understands Chinese alright, but if you only speak Chinese, she’s not going to learn English. The app has Translation, Transliteration, Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice features.Your Chinese friend can simply speak in her native tongue. Use the Translation feature and see the message interpreted in your own language.As you receive the voice message, you can use the Voice-to-Text feature to see a written form of what was said. Hello Talk interactions are a bit slower, which is really a good thing since nobody’s put on the spot and expected to be suddenly fluent in the target language. The back-and-forth of messages takes a little more time because both parties are processing the communication. When language is learned in the context of a friendly conversation, and augmented with Hello Talk’s awesome features, learners get more insight from the whole interaction.It can be a freewheeling discussion where you talk about whatever comes to mind, or you can see if the two of you can get the hang of a more structured interaction.(For example, the first 15 minutes could be you teaching, and then you could switch roles.) You can talk about anything, and before long, you might have a true friend truly invested in your learning. With language exchange apps for smartphones, the whole process becomes mobile, kicking the experience up a notch.

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