Updating traditional dining room furniture

In this lower-priced (,000 to ,000) professionally designed home theater, the control system provides easy, full-featured use, and a custom screen allows for an optimum viewing experience in a room that is shallow in depth.

The seating is arranged in tiers, and the room is completely blocked off from light and outside sound. This handsome mid-level (,000 to 0,000) space was designed as the centerpiece of the home.

The audio system features eight powered woofers, 10 surround speakers and three massive screen speakers. Design by by Cantara Design, Interior Design by Slayman Design Associates This contemporary home theater is fully light-controlled, with no natural light present. An unused shell above a garage became a multifunctional media room to a include access to the house-wide DVD and music server, in addition to the home's security cameras, the Internet and house-wide lighting controls.

The room has 3-D capability and provides an excellent gaming experience and outstanding movie-watching reproduction. Rather than hang the projector from a pole in the ceiling, technicians used a cantilevered wall mount to install it sleekly at the top of the rear wall.

When not in use, TV covers scroll down to create a framed art experience.

The media system is controled by a smart tablet or Web-enabled device Moore Audio Design used window treatments to help eliminate natural light, while a Screen Innovations 97-inch Black Diamond Zero Edge screen amplifies light coming from the projector.

An asymmetrical ceiling creates the impression of a smooth rolling wave, and the screen seems to float before the audience (they're actually attached to custom-made quarter-inch steel brackets attached to the back wall).

Dimmable LED lights glow behind the screen and spill down the walls, providing the sensation of being in an aquarium.

From movie-theater-like stadium seating and dramatic curtains to LED lighting for the "aisles," the options are just about infinite and can add style, comfort and personality to your media room design.With tiered seating and beautiful leather chairs, the home theater also features an easy control system.The wood-paneled wall and framed artwork make the space even more luxurious.Walking into this unique home theater feels eerily similar to walking aboard the Starship Enterprise or Voyager.Equipped with computer-controlled LED lighting, this virtual spaceship can change from color to color at the touch of a button — even to "red alert" if problems arise.

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The movie screen drops enough to hide the television but doesn't cover the surround-sound system's front speakers.

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