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Builders were warned to adhere to the wiring layout shown on the drawing or performance would suffer.

The circuit was built on a bakelite board for the chassis and a mahogany colored bakelite panel.

This module could be added for a third audio amplifier stage if the user thought it necessary.

Though not the first Shortwave receiver kit offered by Pilot, the three-tube "Wasp" was certainly their first really popular Shortwave receiver kit.

In 1928 the selling price was .75 including the coils.

The stock circuit used a type 22 screen-grid tube as an RF amplifier, a 201-A as a regenerative detector and a 201-A tube as the first AF amplifier and a UX-112A as the second AF amplifier.

The user could substitute a 201A for the last audio stage and reduce the plate voltage and bias voltage if a UX-112A was not available.

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All of the Pilot "Wasp" and "Super-Wasp" receivers found today will vary greatly in the quality of workmanship.

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