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The term "the poor" was at first a common designation for all Christians - a reference to their material as well their voluntary poverty.Following schisms within the early Church, the graecized Hebrew term "Ebionite" was applied exclusively to Jewish Christians separated from the developing Pauline Christianity, and later in the 4th century a specific group of Jewish Christians or to a Jewish Christian sect distinct from the Nazarenes.

The group continued to exist for several centuries, influencing the Bogomils of Bulgaria, whose name appears to be a translation of "Massalian" (see Bogomils) and, thereby, the Bosnian church, the Paterenes and Catharism.He presented Edessa and Egypt as places where the "orthodoxy" of Rome had little influence during the 2nd century.As he saw it, the theological thought of the Orient at the time would later be labeled "heresy". Some scholars clearly support Bauer's conclusions and others express concerns about his possible bias.Another possible reference to surviving Ebionite communities in northwestern Arabia, specifically the cities of Tayma and Tilmas, around the 11th century is made by Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela.12th century Muslim historian Muhammad al-Shahrastani mentions Jews living in nearby Medina and Hejaz who accepted Jesus as a prophetic figure and followed traditional Judaism, rejecting mainstream Christian views.

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