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If sailing from Ancona, for example, go to the Maritime Station (good parking outside) and see what's on offer that afternoon from the three ferry lines operating from there (Superfast, ANEK and Minoan).This way, you can sometimes get special offers or reductions, eg occasionally a free cabin is offered for a winter crossing.The main source of information we offer is this website, which contains hundreds of articles, thousands of images and countless live links encapsulating our 16 years of full-time travel, along with the contributions of 50 other long-term, long-distance travellers by motorhome and/or bicycle..The easiest way into the website is to use the Site Menu on the left hand side of the Home Page.You get a full electrical hook up and use of toilets and showers - and all for the price of the motorhome (according to length) plus two deck passengers.Almost all the crossings are overnight and obviously the time varies: the longest is Venice-Patras, the shortest (and cheapest) is Brindisi-Igoumenitsa, which can sometimes be a daytime sailing.' for details of current times and fares.Eg from Ancona, 3 or 4 ferries sail every day, leaving in the afternoon and arriving in Igoumenitsa just before breakfast and Patras just after lunch, both on the following day.Outside July and August there is usually no need to book ahead.

The Site Menu also leads to 'Motorhoming' and 'Cycling' articles, as well as 'Images' and details of the 'Fellow Travellers'.

Boats out of Bari and Brindisi are often smaller, older, cheaper, with shorter crossings mainly for trucks (including live animals from ) and ANEK (ditto).

Phoning the various agents in Patras, we learnt that for 2011 things have changed slightly.

From 1 April to 31 October all the Adriatic ferries allow 'Camping on Board', which means you can stay in your motorhome for the whole crossing (up to 21 hours) but with full access to the public decks, usually via a lift.

The motorhome is on an open deck (but with a roof), sometimes with a view of the passing sea from your own window.

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Credit cards can sometimes be used for fuel (but don't rely on them).

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