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"I think I'm going to get married," Roger announced brightly as he landed back on the ground after the Falcon's Qudditch training that day. They say the best ideas are born in times of the greatest need...

You may have noticed I made some changes, especially the name of the main character and some of my original characters. “I know who you are.”“Great,” the grin he flashes errs on the side of too bright, and a little too neat for there not to be some serious money put into it.Will the Golden Trio and their friends manage to solve the mystery or Harry's dreams?Will they manage to defend themselves against Voldemort, the Death Eaters, Fudge, and even those they thought were friends? Shinigami, Yōkai, Yūrei, evil stepmothers and Ninja partake in this strange adventure! "As we've already established, I'm going to play at your wedding, so it's good you like the music." "First of all, when the fuck have we established that?Second of all – I'm not going to get married," Marcus scoffed.

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