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A few great shows received awards recently and was well deserved as True Detective and Fargo and The Affair got some buzz and received a best drama award, but not the roar Empire gets.

Some of these shows are gone now but Games Of Thrones is still on to enjoy but what about giving some more accolades and raves to these other great shows.

Their is not one character that I can fully grasp my mind around as the show moves way too fast.

(Pedal to the metal stuck in Snow) The tires of the episode turn, but you leave just as unmoved as you were when you first sat down.

This show to me, is offensive to not only people who love hip hop, but African Americans, Caucasians, Women, Executives, artist and the homosexual community.

It makes a sad attempt to shock and engage the audience with language and over the top bedroom scenes that are irrelevant to moving the show along.

It's about how this pretty disfuctional family can work through all that it's bad and still be strong as one at the end of the day.

You won't see a happy family for sure but I bet Lucious or Cookie or Hakeem, Andre or Jamal will put their can't wait for season 3...

The Family of Musics *-* If you love drama- this show is perfect.Despite these I recommend this show I was so excited for this show to be back.I can't help but feel slightly disappointed so far.The Duet I mentioned in my latest review below can be found on You Tube, along with the series' other music on Empires VIVO You Tube account!This one is called Powerful and I love it - I hope you like it! There's a particular song in Season 2 Episode 9 which is just TRULY AMAZING!

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