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The music was fitting and knew how to make the battle even more intense. Mashiba's the same fearless, anti-social psychopath as usual, but we get a look at his desires, he almost seems like he's warmed up a little at his workplace, and we see that even he can lose his confidence at times.Kimura's always been serious about boxing and has loved it, but in this OVA his attitude becomes a little more like Ippo's.All I can say is I’m glad there’s going to be a season 2 and I can’t wait for it and I’m sure if you watch this, then this will pump you. I love that about Hajime no Ippo; you can actually see their attacks and the intensity behind them, it's not some cheap battle anime where half of the fight is explosions, smoke, and mountains crumbling whilst the other half is characters warping around, shooting energy blasts at each other, and having casual conversations mid-battle. The fight isn't dragged on, pointless, or dull to watch; every bit of it is meaningful and exciting.There was some small amount of 3D during the fight where the ring was kinda circling, Mashiba and Kimura were still 2D; I thought it was well done and looked really cool, and that's coming from someone who normally hates 3D in anime.

Kimura doit également trouver un moyen de s'approcher de Mashiba en échappant à sa "faux" ainsi que de développer un coup final étant donner qu'il n'en a pas.It also leaves nothing to be desired since the conclusion is satisfying and wrapped up well. The movie is about 40% plot, and 60% action, so it will not fail to disappoint.The story has some good twists and turns and will keep you on edge the entire time, and is generally captivating for a sports anime.Fujiwara Keiji, the voice of Shingo from Initial D, Eledore from Gundam 08th MS team, and Reno from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children who voices Kimura brings a whole new stand out quality to his character thanks to the opportunities that this oav centers around him.Fujiwara always tends to play smart-ass characters but he plays Kimura in a way where you can finally take him seriously as if he were real.

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