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I'm an understanding and accommodating person who minds my own business and gives space and trusts their partner blindly. I love to meet new people generally and it's nice to have some new people to chat to. No fuss, no frills guy looking for somebody who is loyal, honest and caring.I don't know, but i am just giving myself a chance here.

However there is one name that remains a present-day embodiment of the individuality, diversity and influence Spanish music has had on international music – the . I like shopping, cooking sometimes i read my bible and go out to exotic places and hang out all by myself, i love music, I write,walk along the beach I like swimming. I'm Davide, I currently live in Italy but I'll move eselwhere before the end of this year.Equestrian Official Site The original Equestrian Singles, established in 2001.Music in Spain has a long and diverse history with its influences stemming from various cultural streams, the strongest coming from centuries of uninterrupted Roman rule, which left an enduring imprint upon the culture of music in Spain.When Roman culture was dominant, it brought with it the music and ideas of Ancient Greece, whereby the reciting of epic poetry and folk music played an integral role.

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The Gypsy Kings were actually born in France to parents who were mostly ‘gitanos’, Spanish Romani people who fled Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

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