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Mompha solomoni Wagner, Adamski, and Brown, new species (Figs. In the material examined a "u" indicates a spec- imen could not be reliably sexed. Rearing lots were held outdoors during the winter months. solomoni the dark spot along forewing cos- ta at % is often strongly oblique and di- rected toward the outer edge of the wing or tornus; in M. ce- phalonthiella the 1 or 2 white flagellomeres that cap the antenna are preceded by a se- ries of five dark flagellomeres; in M. In each case, leaves with actively feeding larvae were placed in a plastic bag with lightly moistened paper toweling and were moni- tored daily for adult emergences. (e-mail: [email protected]); (DA) Department of Systematic Biology, Entomology Section, National Museum of Natural History, Smith- sonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560-0168, U. Key Words: leafmining, stem-mining, flagging, Rubiaceae In North America the Momphinae con- tain 37 described species and at least as many unrecognized species (Hodges et al. gray scales with white tips on apical end of Paratypes (n = 157). 3, 4, 9-14): Uncus ECK), Thompson, Quaddick Reservoir St. FLORIDA: High- curved apicolateral arms; aedeagus tubular lands Co., Lake Placid, Archbold Biol. Parasites of Mompha solomoni include members of the genera Pholetesor Mason (Bra- conidae), Bracon E (Braconidae), and Euderus Haliday (Eulophidae). Deposited in indistinct patch contrasting with band of USNM. Wagner (7 c J, 9 9, 1 u) (UCONN, Male genitalia (Fig. anellus divided into two flat plates with Busck (1 6) (USNM). 1991, adults issued 4-19 lus), costa lightly sclerotized, densely se- Apr.

sp., is described from moths reared from buttonbush, Cepludanthus occidentalis L. Spring generations bore in young terminals of this plant species; summer and fall generations mine leaves. Length: 3-3.9 mm (16 males), 2.7-3.8 mm middle, and apex, tarsus dark brownish (13 females); ground color dark gray to VOLUME 106, NUMBER 1 5 brownish gray, scales with white apices ex- cal third of ventral division sparsely setose cept on basal Vs of costa; scale tufts at Vs (five preparations examined), and %, each with 5-6 rows of erect scales, Female genitalia (Fig. — Taxonomic notes on Nordlandiella Diaz and Ganaspidium Weld (Hymenoptera: Figitidae: Eucoilinae) 192 CHAMORRO-LACAYO, MARIA LOURDES and RALPH W HOLZENTHAL— Seven new species of Polyplectropiis Ulmer (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae) from Costa Rica 202 CHEN, XUEXIN, J. WHITFIELD, and JUNHUA HE— Revision of the subfamily Cardiochilinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in China. The genera Aiisterocardiochiles Dangerfield, Austin, and Whitfield, Eurycardiochiles Dangerfield, Austin, and Whitfield and Psilommiscits Enderlein 35 COLEMAN, B. 1 (ISSN 0013-8797) PROCEEDINGS of the ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY of WASHINGTON LISHED TERLY CONTENTS ARCE-PEREZ, ROBERTO — Psephenopalpus browni, a new genus and species of Psepheninae (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea: Psephenidae) from Mexico 90 BUFFINGTON, MATTHEW L. While all momphines in North America are thought to share the habit of being internal feeders, larvae show a remarkably diverse range of feeding nich- es — tunneling in stems, forming galls, min- ing leaves, and boring through flowers and fruits. spot opposite apical end of radial line in 1994 (1 d, 1 9), 10-11 Jul. 1989, adults issued 5 line, dorsally rounded at base, ventrally and Mar.-, DLW Lot: 89J14, D. apically flattened, apex acuminate, laterally Wagner (9 c? 1-18 A NEW SPECIES OF MOMPHA HUBNER (LEPIDOPTERA: COLEOPHORIDAE: MOMPHINAE) FROM BUTTONBUSH {CEPHALANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS L.) WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF THE EARLY STAGES David L. Brown (DLW) Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269, U. 1983, Hodges 1992, Poole and Gentili 1996, Koster 2002). — CANADA: QUE- wing; margin of wing membrane with line BEC: Gatineau, Aylmer, 18 rue Washing- of dark brown scales, expanded to form a ton, 30- (1 S), 20-24 Jun. separated from tegumen by membranous Pk., mines 4 Sep.

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