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However, I was becoming aware that the person I knew myself to be was vastly different than the way others perceived me.If you are an introvert and you don’t talk a lot, people will automatically assume that you are a very meek and mild-mannered person.However, if you assume that I am meek and mild-mannered, there will be a lot of surprises ahead of you.Rachel is a bookaholic who dreams of reading for a living, but has quite comfortably settled for working at an East Coast university press.

Maybe that line only applies to actors with chiseled jawlines starring in movies about the Wild West, not to those of us who are 5’ 1” and wear Harry Potter t-shirts.However, I’m a firm believer that no matter who you are, being contemplative is strong, because those who know their own minds and have cultivated a sense of self are never as meek and mild as they initially seem.And even if I’m having a day where it’s difficult to conjure my inner sass warrior, please don’t proceed to underestimate me just because I’m not dominating the conversation.In my head, I was fully engaged, even if those around me saw only a blank stare.I explained this to the professor and asked if he thought this made sense. “Yes,” he said, “I understand now.”Back then, I didn’t have any understanding of what an introvert is, and I certainly didn’t know that I was one.

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