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With those 2 games, your kids don't really "need" the online chat to have fun and enjoy the game.The more complex ones require conversation to plan and succeed, but you'll need to be aware of the risk.Bear in mind that there are perfectly nice and helpful players online who are a lot like you and don't like the garbage-mouthed players either.It's possible to meet them and have them on a "friend" list.Multiplayer games (technically called "massively multiplayer online games," or MMOGs, or MMOs) let kids play against their friends and other people they meet on a game's network.Some popular examples are World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons Online.The other feature of the game is the legal system, which allows players to write and pass laws that change the game world.

It also had absolutely no combat and no way to harm other players, which made it more about using your mind to get what you wanted.That concept eventually mutated in 1997 with the release of in 2004 that really kicked the MMORPG craze into full swing.Blizzard managed to perfectly capture what millions of players wanted in an online world, and over multiple expansions it’s managed to dominate the market for over a decade in the face of some tough challenges.It can be helpful to discuss each of these issues and talk about balancing gaming time with other activities before your kid starts playing MMOs.You might want to take a look at the privacy settings the site offers, and talk to your kids about responsible online communication, including not sharing personal information.

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