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Emma asks him to give her a minute and retreats to the bathroom.When she calms down and comes out, Henry asks her to come home with him.Before she makes her final exit Prince Charming throws his sword at her but she dissolves into a cloud black and purple smoke and disappears.In the "real" world, Henry Mills is reading a fairy tale book as he rides the bus to Boston.When he arrives, he hails a cab and pays for it with a credit card.A man named Ryan sits down at a table with a blond woman and they begin to talk.

The epic battle for the future of all worlds is beginning, and for good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.She then tells Ryan that she knows he embezzled money from his employer and abandoned his wife and children.He realizes that she is a bail bondsman and makes a mad dash for it, but discovers that she has booted his car.But when Henry—the son she gave up years ago—finds her, everything changes.Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma's help.

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  1. To address media speculation about her marriage, she gave an expletive-laden interview in May 2012, in which she claimed her son was afraid that his father would be going to prison over the affair, and that her house had been on the market for several months prior to the scandal.