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Contemporary commentators praised Leave It to Beaver, with Variety comparing Beaver to Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer.Much juvenile merchandise was released during the show's first run, including board games, novels, and comic books.The stars of the pilot were Casey Adams and Paul Sullivan (as father and son Ward and Wally Cleaver).They were replaced as production of the series neared.Six months after the broadcast of the pilot, the series debuted on CBS on Friday October 4, 1957, as Leave It to Beaver, with the episode third in production order, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled".displayed a toilet tank (which didn't pass the censor's office in time for the show's scheduled debut) and aired the week following the premiere.Connelly and Mosher were charmed with Mathers's innocent candor and cast him in the title role.

At one of many auditions, Mathers wore his Cub Scout uniform and told casting personnel he was anxious to leave for his den meeting.The show has enjoyed a renaissance in popularity since the 1970s through off-network syndication, a reunion telemovie (Still the Beaver, 1983) and a sequel series, The New Leave It to Beaver (1985–89).In 1997, a movie version based on the original series was released to negative reviews.Throughout the show's run, it was shot with a single camera on black-and-white 35mm film.The show's production companies included the comedian George Gobel's Gomalco Productions (1957–61) and Kayro Productions (1961–63) with filming at Revue Studios/Republic Studios and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The still-popular show ended its run in 1963 primarily because it had reached its natural conclusion: In the show, Wally was about to enter college and the brotherly dynamic at the heart of the show's premise would be broken with their separation.

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The show was ultimately sponsored by Ralston Purina, with General Electric (the GE logo was clearly visible on all kitchen appliances) and Chrysler Corporation sponsoring the later seasons (Ward Cleaver was often seen driving the newest Plymouth Fury during the opening credits or coming home from work, starting in Season 3. (in which Beaver gets stuck in an advertising billboard with a gigantic make-believe cup of soup, curious as to how "steam" came out of the cup), was budgeted at $50,000.

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