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The new duo set out playing shows in London and produced a brand new album Amnesty I. Crystal Castles is a Canadian electronic experimental band formed in 2004 in Toronto consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass. I feel bad giving this such a mediocre rating because it really is quite good.However, it is so far outside the genre of what i'd listen to i'd be lying about how much I really liked it if I rated it higher.The duo is known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions.

I'm not sure if I either like this album or hate it to the point that I want to punch a baby. Three months later: I like it, just not at 8 am, the time when I first listened to this. Cool video game style samples, noises and beats, but I cannot in all honesty give this anything higher than 3 stars because of that horrible pale chick who does nothing but shriek over the top of it all.III was released in 2012 but just two years later Glass announced her departure from the band, expressing an interest to persue solo projects.Kath put out a brand new track, Frail, featuring an unknown vocalist called Edith Frances.Nevertheless, is much better than you might expect, given that the album is often roundly criticized for 'lacking depth', or downright hated.Here's hoping at least a few of you might be convinced otherwise.

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