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AT CMJ’s Press And Artist conclave, the exceptionally sweet Maria carries her position as an indie star of the first order without an ounce of ego as she sips on a glass of a white wine to tide her through to that evening’s set at Sullivan Hall.“The last song on the record “Lullaby for you” I wrote just singing, rocking my son to sleep and you know I didn’t even notice, I just sing to him all the time and I didn’t realize I was singing the same thing every night and then I though wait a minute I’m writing a song.She said ‘yeah but every one reads that’.”Maria’s first band Little Red Rocket signed with Geffen Records when Maria was 15 and after Geffen’s famous merger with Universal found the band lost in the shuffle, Little Red Rocket broke up and Maria formed Azure Ray and signed to Saddle Creek in Omaha, Nebraska.From my distance, and despite my love for Maria, Bright Eyes, Cursive and others, I’ve always considered the label very difficult and stand offish.Actually, she is that pretty but it takes a while to see it. I think especially in Alabama Republicans will be like way out there. You can quote me if you say I added “So when he came to the show and bought a CD and it was my birthday and I was about to leave because I don’t like birthdays and I was at the Merch table packing up CDs, and he came up and wanted to buy me a drink and I was like ‘nooo, I’m leaving’ and somehow he talked me into it.

And I loved it because it was such a slower pace and it’s inexpensive and all that.And people are moving out of the city and moving to other places.I feel like it isn’t like this core group of people any more.”In the mid 2000s Maria began a string of solo albums of consistent melodic beauty and depth of feeling. “I think I owe it all to my dad, I just grew up listening to all this good music and in instilled a sense of melody in me. I can write the songs like that but then the lyrics…Maria disagrees but so sweetly I wonder if I’ve misjudged them: “Every one at Saddlecreek is super nice and not judgmental but it is sort of cliquey because all the people that started to label grew up together have been friends since Junior High, they all went to High School and college so it was all inside jokes that were fifteen years old, I think it might have felt cliquey.But you know, I moved from Alabama to Athens, Georgia and then moved there and they opened their arms.

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