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When my friend asked me if I would consider dating and marrying someone who didn’t share my faith, I told her I would. Not that he accept my belief as his own; just that he accept that I believe what I believe without feeling compelled to change it or to make me justify it. I’d met him nearly a year earlier at Jana’s home for a day-after-Thanksgiving anti-consumerism party.He says I completely ignored him there, despite his best efforts to engage me in conversation (I don’t remember ignoring him, but I must say it’s possible; I’m not always the best at socializing with strangers).J(2) identified himself as agnostic on his profile. We’d talked about both of those things while chatting and we both felt like it was worth meeting in spite of those differences.We had a wonderful first date and dated for about ten weeks.With time I realized that the real problem was not the simple of our different religious beliefs, but rather J(2)’s inability or unwillingness to accept that we believed differently.

Late that night when we sat in a UCI parking garage talking, we made another foray into the familiar territory of Mormon practices being a form of social control. Because I’d had so much fun with J(wh) and I wanted it to work.

And when it’s a man as interesting and intelligent as I knew J(wh) to be, I definitely say yes.

So I surprised him a bit by calling him back and saying that yes—I’d love to get dinner with him on a “casual date.” Our first few dates all ended with us sitting in his car, in a campus parking garage, talking—talking for two or three or four hours at a time.

having to understand perfectly those beliefs oneself; or 2. So by last year, I had returned to a point much closer to the ideal I had espoused as an admittedly very idealistic 22-year-old engaged in an abstract conversation about a very difficult reality while sitting in a London flat.

Last fall I had another long conversation with a friend about dating and marrying a non-Mormon.

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